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Belgian User Support and Operations Centre

Bubble forming inside Boiling Cell in microgravity
In the Fluid Science Laboratory on board the International Space Station the Reference mUltiscale Boiling Investigation Experiment Container was used to address the basic phenomena of boiling heat transfer processes on a heater surface.
FOAM-C sample cell unit
The B.USOC operated the Foam Coarsening experiment devoted to the study of the hydrodynamic properties of aqueous foams in micro-gravity inside the Fluid Science Laboratory onboard the International Space Station.
SpaceX Crew Dragon Japanese H-II Transfer Vehicle-9 Columbus laboratory
The ASIM payload is monitoring thunderstorms from the International Space Station, to catch rapid luminous events happening in the upper atmosphere.
ESA Astronaut Alexander Gerst
To improve the understanding of the granular dynamics the Soft Matter Dynamics Experiment Container was instaled inside the Fluid Science Laboratory on board the International Space Station.
B.USOC operation room
ASIM will give insight into the luminous phenomena that take place over violent thunderstorms (elves, sprites, blue jets and terrestrial gamma ray bursts). Since then B.USOC is operating continuously ASIM and transfers its data to the scientists.
Columbus lab on ISS
B.USOC switched off the external platform SOLAR on board the International Space Station after nine years of successful operations.